Child, Youth & Family Services is cloud-based
human services software built to
support client's needs, goals, and expectations
tailoring our services to meet those needs...

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At eVidento, we believe that the family plays
crucial role in the healing and recovery process
Family-Centered Treatment ...

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We understand the importance of accurate and
up-to-date information when it comes to
managing providers and their records...

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Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services help support a more
diverse, complex enterprise application and
technology portfolio, while balancing competing
business priorities of IT operations and innovation.
We can help you stay focused on strategic,
high-value activities, while providing ongoing
support and maintenance.

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Data Science

Text Analytics
Web Analytics
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Vision & Mission

To provide real-time, data-driven analytics
for decision support.

Committed to factual decision making in real time
with innovative solutions, business intelligence
and domain expertise for better profitability
and operational excellence.

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What We Do

Look beyond what is being obvious.


Our Technology Footprint